Boys Student Athlete of the Year: TYLER NIEMANN

Tyler Niemann - CANTON

"There is a ton of tremendous athletes in this room tonight, I mean, the award could have gone to anyone and it wouldn't have been a wrong choice at all. I'm just so honored. I'm so happy to be selected by this committee and I couldn't have asked for a better night.

It's definitely awesome have the tremendous support of teammates, coaches, throughout everybody. And also just playing against people all those years. Getting to team up with them in the All-Star games. It's just tremendously fun. We're ready to just go out there, have a blast and do good things.

None of this would have been possible without the support and care of the Canton community. From coaches, to teammates, even to elementary kids that are showing up at the games cheering. We have such a good support group. It's like one big family there. They are always there to cheer you one. They'll pick you up on your worst days, they are always going to be there and have your back.

We're obviously going to remember the success we've had like twenty years from now or whatever. But the biggest thing we're going to remember is the fun memories we've had with our teammates. I wouldn't trade my teammates for anyone in the world. That's why I wouldn't have gone through this experience with anyone else. So, that's the best group of guys I could have asked for."