Bow Boys: Archery Duo Win Titles

On Saturday we introduced to you Brooke Miller from Highland during seeds of greatness. The 8th grader is the national champion in field archery shooting freestyle. And over at Butch's sportsworld in Palmyra, they have a few more prolific shooters in their pipeline. Dalton Schwanke and Jackson Wagner both pack hefty national and state credentials from their success. Each shoot a different style of bow and have a serious passion for their sport..

Dalton Schwanke: "the kind of bow I shoot is the Olympic re-curve. Which is what they do in the Olympics. It's a bit more challenging to shoot. It stacks draw weight instead of let off that compound bows have. I started in 4H, just wanting to shoot in bow hunting and then saw how competitive you can be and just kept on going. It's a blast. I'm here almost every day. In tournaments almost every weekend. I wouldn't want to do anything else.

That practice has paid off for Dalton as he just returned from the National Field Archery Championships in Louisville.

Dalton: "I got second in my flight at nationals. And they divided it up so it's a bit more fair. I got tenth place overall and I got first in state a couple weeks ago. It was amazing. I think they had 1,600 shooters and they had it in a big convention center. They had bales along three different walls and just non-stop shooting. All kinds of people there it was amazing."

As Dalton continues to practice and work hard, his goals continue to grow.

Dalton: "I'd love to get first place. I'm on the state team this year and we're going to Nebraska. And I'm hoping to make the national team next year which would be really cool."

Jackson Wagner shoots a Compund bow and won his division at Nationals in Louisville. He says having a place like Butch's has really helped his shooting.

Jack Wagner: "Just the events up here that Butch's holds, he holds a couple of state tournaments up here. It's just kind of practice shooting in a tournament type field with other people around you, surrounding you. Shooting lines are pretty close together. I try to get up here two to three times a week, as much as I can with sports and everything. But just coming up here is pretty sweet, you got a cool place to practice and just hang out with friends up here."

Jackson's talent has already caught the eyes at the collegiate level.

Jackson: "The tournaments coming up, I'm just looking to get better and better by every tournament. And as college is coming up, just getting better and trying to shoot in college. I've seen the Missouri State archery team at a couple of tournaments and they've talked to me a little bit. And Missouri has an archery team as well."

A student at Hannibal, when asked if his school had an archery team, the look on Jackson's face spelled no. He could only wish they did.

Jackson: "If Hannibal had an archery team at our high school it would be pretty cool. Because a lot of my buddies also shoot bows as well so it would just give us something else to do together."