Bilgri's Back: Loaded Quincy High Wrestling Lineup gets some added octane


Quincy High Wrestling Coach Phil Neally is losing a very promising public address announcer for his wrestling meets....

And he could not be happier about it.

Thanks to a broken finger suffered during football, 145 pound returning senior Matt Bilgri was forced to sit out the first two months of the season; there was even talk surgery might end his season.

So he took to PA duty to stay close to his team and his sport.

And while doing so, he also healed up on a pretty quick time table...

He's five matches back into his return...and looked as good as ever with a tech fall win against Pittsfield last night.


Bilgri: "It's great. I love wrestling. It just means a lot to be back with the team. I was gone a couple of tournaments. We went down to Muscotah and I was watching and I was just dying to be in there but I got to watch a lot of good matches. Hopefully I learn from them....Just the motivation to do good and help out my team. I just want to score points and make my team better."

Bilgri's timing is excellent. He's had a handful of matches now to shake off the rust. Says his hand is close to 100% healed. And enters his weekend bolstering the prospects of a Quincy High Squad that looks to be a legitimate Team Title contender in its own Invitational.

Matt Bilgri "It's big for me to go back into the Tournament, especially right now because I am coming off injury. It's my Senior Year, I want to finish good out there. This year, we've come back and got it together as a team. I think we can stick together and pull out a victory here at the Invitational."

That would be a game changer for this program, wouldn't it?

Matt Bilgri: "Definitely. We haven't won it in a while. And to have our team do it this would be awesome."