Baldwin students could score Wizards tickets

The Harlem Wizards are set to play against teachers in the PTA on November 16, but first Baldwin students had to kick off fundraising efforts.

Baldwin School got a taste of some magic Friday.

During a kickoff for fundraising for the local PTA at Baldwin School in Quincy, students learned that top student sellers will be able to win some awesome items like invisible ink, a limo lunch and free tickets to the Harlem Wizards game.

The basketball tricksters are playing at the Baldwin School gym against teachers in the PTA on November 16.

Local fundraising company VW Fundraising was on hand to help promote the fundraising.

"We feel great. VW Fundraising is proud to bring this to town. It doesn't cost the schools anything. We provide this as a thank you for using our service and we are happy to do it," VW Fundraising Scott Westinghouse said.

PTA funds are used for student projects, field trips, and school technology.

Westinghouse says they hope the incentives will help raise sufficient funds for the PTA.

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