Ain't That a Kick: Hannibal's Sims among Nation's Best

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On the heels of a disappointing 2007 season, the Hannibal Pirates figure to be one of the most improved football teams in the Tri-States this fall. And Mark St Clair's crew will go to war with one of the finest place kickers in the nation.

Competing at the elite Kohl's Professional Kicking and Punting Camp at Wisconsin-Whitewater this summer, junior Mat Sims was one of just three kickers in the Class of 2010 to receive a four and a half star rating on a five scale.

Of all the elite kickers in camp at Whitewater, Sims finished third overall in the Kickoff Skills challenge, behind a pair of kids who had signed to Florida State and Purdue.

His field goal numbers also place in him in the Top 15 among all campers.

He is also currently being featured on the Kohl's Website in the "Athlete Spotlight" section.