A Sort of Homecoming: Niemann, Flesner bring their college basketball careers back to where they started


"What Girl doesn't want to play in the NCAA Tournament?"

That was exactly what former Canton High star and Mizzou Transfer Tori Niemann told me this morning when she was listing off her reasons for continuing her college basketball career at Western Illinois University.

My, how the culture is changing in Macomb...

AS KHQA reported first on Twitter...Niemann is the latest addition to Leatherneck Basketball and reunites with her high school coach Seth Minter in Macomb, now the lead assistant to J.D. Gravina.

She will be eligible to play in 2013-2014 after sitting out her mandatory one year Division One Transfer.

Before departing on a recruiting trip, Gravina told KHQA that Tori was a quote "great" get for their program and said that with everything Tori does academically and athletically she is quote "a player everyone in this community can look up to" and that she could immediately impact and better the program just by displaying her toughness and grit in practice alone next year.

And Tori told me in no uncertain terms that she believes the Leathernecks "will win and win big" in the very near future.

The basketbal transfer news is doubly good on this Friday.

Former Liberty/Payson star and KHQA Female Student Athlete of the Year Dakota Flesner confirmed to KHQA this morning that she is leaving Kishwaukee Community College after one injury marred season and enrolling at John Wood.

Dakota will technically have two years of athletic eligibility at John Wood, but is academically strong enough to transfer to a four year school after just one season...and play three years of basketball at that next level; giving her plenty of recruiting options...ala Marcus Medsker a few years back.