2014 KHQA Girls Breakout Player of the Year: ASHTYN LAGEMANN, Clopton



Freshman, Clopton High School

9.9 Points per Game, 9.0 Rebounds per Game. 2.1 Blocks per Game, 1.5 Steals per Game

Clopton Coach Larry Lagemann: "I just think she kind of has a natural feel. She has real good hands around the basket. Of course, she's tall and long, so that helps. She just kind of has a natural ability. And I think, just confidence wise, we just saw that grow throughout the season. She was a little timid at the beginning of the year and I think as the year went on she started to realize "I'm pretty good and I can be pretty good."

The potential in 9th Grader Ashtyn Lagemann was self-evident from the start. That she realize it this quickly, to the tune of a near nightly double/double at 10 points and 9 rebounds per game, says a lot about the family-first atmosphere, both literally and figureatively of Lady Hawk Basketball.

Lady Hawk Guard/Big Sister Lauren Lagemann: "I think our team is really unselfish. We are always looking to get the ball to other people. And so we would just try to hit her when she's open as much as possible and just get her the ball so she could make the easy shots and run the score up (laughs)"

Ashtyn Lagemann: "At the beginning of the year, I was going over playbooks, trying to learn everything. They (her teammates) also were all a big help knowing I was the only freshman playing varsity. They were all there for me. It was really nice."

Clopton Coach Larry Lagemann: "As a father, I am really proud. That your daughter can achieve that kind of recognition, success. And as a Coach, you look at it just as a player, it says an awful lot about how she performed on the floor and the contributions she made throughout the year. So I am proud both as a coach and father both. "

Lady Hawk Guard/Big Sister Lauren Lagemann: "She works really hard. And I think she's finally realizing that she is so much taller than everybody else and she can take over the game. And as she continues to get stronger, she will really be good."

Coach Lagemann: "Just her success she's had this season has given her a little taste of what she can do and has made her even more determined to work harder."

Ashtyn Lagemann: "After my first few games, I realized that this is a good year. I just have to show everybody what I can do. So after my first few games and doing well, I knew that I could do it and it gave me a lot of confidence"

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