2014 KHQA Barnstorm Tour: Pittsfield Saukees

Curt Simonson: "We have a responsibility to give back. That's this is. It's an opportunity to give back. What a great experience? I said to Mrs. Hawley the other day, she'd be very proud of these kids. They work very hard, they have great attitudes, everything is yes sir, no sir. That's the best you can get. You can't ask for anything more then that. It's been a positive. A huge positive."

Quin Leahy: "It's a great system. I guess, I think we all get along with each other better then we have. We get along with coach really well. We all love him."

In a season of adaptation, it certainly seems like the Saukees have cleared their first hurdle in embracing their new head coach. Challenge number two now comes in the form of figuring out erratically altered football landscape. Playing a new schedule and moving to the Sangamo Conference.

Cody Hayden: "I really like that actually. We're just kind of here like in our own little corner and go in smack them in the mouth it will feel pretty good."

Curt Simonson: "The advantage is, on our side of it, if they want game film of us it will be twenty-one years old. That will be hard to find. The disadvantage for us is we've not seen these guys so we're not exactly sure what they're going to do. We have some ideas, but that goes both ways. It's been a positive from the standpoint the kids learning some of the things we'll do, not so much new, but just different. I think that will be strengths that will carry us."

But there's also a real X-factor feel eternally as well. It's an undeniable talented crew with some obvious strengths in the trenches, the backfield and across the defense. But will those assets be mid


by youth.

Cody Hayden: "We have a lot of juniors that are playing this year. I think if we just make this bond better and we come together and trust each other I feel like the next couple of years could be successful for us."

Curt Simonson: "Right now, we're sitting at twenty juniors. Well those twenty juniors, the strength of that group is the offensive and defensive line. So, we know we are going to have those kids for two years and we look forward to that. We have a great bunch of seniors, those seven kids are all very skilled and talented. We have great leadership from them. When you put those groups together, we'll do well."

Quin Leahy: "They are big. They are strong. We might be a little undersized sometimes, but I mean, some guys like Cody Ha


den and Wyatt Smith..we have our size, they are strong."

Curt Simonson: "We have one senior in the backfield and that's Lakin Labby. He is immensely talented. You put that core of juniors around him and they are talented as well. That gives us another strength to grow and develop. We have an expectation, we have an expectation every year we take the field. We expect we're going to be in the playoffs. Going in to the new conference there will be some challenges. I have no doubt about that. That conference is a strong conference and we're going to have to play well. But, I believe we'll step up and play well every Friday and Saturday."