2014 KHQA Barnstorm Tour: Knox County Eagles

2014 brings veteran experience for Knox County in a number of different areas. Paced by a workhorse in the backfield who powered his way to over 1,400 yards on the ground in 2013. His entourage, five offensive linemen with extensive playing time who match up with its conference best. There is till one large void to fill under center.

Coach Alex Van Delft: "We have less question marks but we have bigger ones. Nick Edwards is Donovan's brother. He's more of a tradition drop back passer, he's not as athletic but has a really good arm as a quality baseball player so we thought he could make that transition to the quarterback. Hayden Miller, a really good athlete. He's big for his age. He's about, 5'11 170 so he kind of fits in that role pretty easily. He has a strong also. He has more of the ability to run the ball, which if he were to be back there he'd probably incorporate that more. But, both kids, best thing about them is their work ethic. So, you got anyone like that you're going to be all right."

Regardless of who the starting quarterback is, the Eagles aren't going to steer away from what's been working for the past four years. That's feeding Brody Moubry behind a talented offensive front.

Brody Moubry: "Well, as a senior, who has been starting since freshman year, they are going to be focusing on me a lot running the ball. Hopefully we can get some of our quarterbacks and receivers to take that pressure off me."

Van Delft: "Anytime you have a guy like that you're going to use him. Also, we have a couple of all-conference offensive linemen in Nat Harder and Riley Poston. So, we are going to take our strengths and use them to the best of our abilities."

Skyler Sullens: "If the linemen do their job, it's great, he gets yards. But after, he gets them after contact. He's just working his butt off every day, just to get used to that."

Cedric Boone: "It's just a great feeling to have Brody in the backfield, in case you don't get it done that day. You know he's going to get yards every single time. If he can just do what he can do, he will help you win every game he can."

A blowout loss to South Shelby in districts has left a salty taste in their mouth. A new year, high expectations, the Eagles are ready to beat the odds and compete for a title.

Val Delft: "They see what South Shelby is. They play in that CCC Conference, a very good conference on a 3A level let alone a 1A school. So they come out and they are just ready for that competitiveness. And we need to have that edge to us. The kids want to get passed that round they've been to the last three years, so hopefully that hard work they've put in pays off."

Moubry: "I'm looking to break a record this year, I'm looking to gain 500 more yards to break the career rushing record here. So it's a big season. I want to go far in the playoffs, I want to win conference, this is my last year. Hopefully we can do those things."

Sullens: "We take a lot of pride{>} I mean, we try to be the most conditioned team. So far, we are just working hard enough to be that. It's really going to help come the season in our fast-tempo offense."

Val Delft "It's going to be a fun year. It's going to be a year where we have a lot of improvement, a lot of change. Sometimes change isn't a bad thing. It's a lot of fun."

With the Eagles, Will Wilson, KHQA Sports.