Billy Coppage will serve as the Hounds de facto "Quarterback" in a revamped Offensive System


Todd McGhghy: "You know we've been close. Too close. In fact, as close as we have been, it's been frustrating. I think in the last five of the kids parents was telling me the other day that we were less touchdown average away from having three winning seasons in the last five years. Last year, we finished 2-7 and we lost three games by a combined total of 15 points. So those things are close. We have to keep plugging away. We've got to stay positive."

In effort to bridge that yes small, yet vexing gap that has left Fort Madison perpetually mired south of the 500 mark, Todd McGhghy is engaging in a little counterintuitive thinking. While the rest of the world embraces new age offensive wizardry, the Hounds are spinning it back to the Football Stone Age in a quest for competitive fire.

Todd McGhghy: "We're not going to line up and be the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. Bless those programs and high schools that think they have those. We just don't. So we don't ask that much out of our Quarterback. Our Quarterback is another running back. And so we run Flexbone, Triple Option and a little bit of Single Wing package as well."

Jack Wright: "We're going to play Smash Mouth Football. Run it down your throat. You know, it is what is."

Billy Coppage: "We have a lot of depth. A lot of quick guys. We work solid together. Nobody really is off key. Everybody is together, knowing what everybody else is doing. SO that really helps."

Todd McGhghy: "You know Billy is going to step in (at Quarterback) and be fine. We've got a couple of other kids who can step right in and do this style of offense, what we are asking them to do, fairly quickly. I guess in a nutshell, we really either don't have a Quarterback or we have four or five. You know, it's kind of a unique situation. You have to be creative and give yourself a chance to win and I think that's what we've done."

And if your are going to go Pigskin Prehistoric, it pays to have T-Rex sized Bodyguards up front. The now most obvious payoff of the investment the Fort Madison School District has made in a new weight room.

Billy Coppage: "We have a big line this year. And they are solid and they work together well. That really helps me as a quarterback and everyone else in the backfield a whole lot."

Grant Holtkamp: "I am one of the big bodies so I mean, I feel really confident. I know that we have really fast players behind us and we have really big people on our line and we can drive anyone back."

Jack Wright: "I am a Defensive Player predominantly and when we have those big bodies up front, it makes our job a lot easier. "

The hope being that some of that size up front will sure up a Defense that gave up 30 points per game last Fall. And it's a unit that faces an immediate three game litmus test right out of the chute.

Todd McGhghy: "I'm glad that we have the the types of kids that we have. These kids are not going to quit. They are not going to give up because we can win all three of those games. But I am not concerned at all about their mental psyche if things don't go their way all the time. We've got mentally tough kids that work hard and quitting and giving up and things like that just aren't in their vocabulary."