2014 KHQA Barnstorm Tour: Culver-Stockton Wildcats

Jeff Duvendeck: "The guys have been working hard. We've got a lot of returner's, most we've had in a long time that we talked about earlier. They've been doing a great job. We've really worked in some of the younger kids because some of the returner's really know what they are doing. They've been able to coach them up and take them under their wing. It's been awesome. It's like having thirty more coaches on the field so it's been great."

Desmond Phillips: "This year is a little different. I think we're a little more motivated this year. We have a reason to be here and we're ready to win."

Mike Davis: "This year the attitude is a lot different. We've got a lot of guys that have bought in already, sophomores, juniors, seniors, everyone seems to be bought in this year. We're really looking to turn the program around this year. It's a huge year for us."

Jeff Duvendeck enters his fourth season as the head boss for the Wildcats. It is indeed an important one. With a brand new facility finally at his grasp, he's got a squad ready to compete. Young in spot though they be, the talent is not a question. But can they put it all together? It will start defensively.

Duvendeck: "Preseason, we've got four preseason All-American's. Three of those are on defense. Both of our defensive ends. Hopefully that's nice, hopefully a fear for other quarterbacks getting the backfield. Between them they had fourteen sacks last year, hoping to double that this year and really terrorize the backfield of the opposing offenses."

Davis: "Getting after the quarterback is huge. In this league, it's a passing league. People are going to be looking to throw a lot. In order to put pressure on the quarterback that's going to cause turnovers for us as well."

Duvendeck: "On the back end, we've got a lot of bodies that can play. A lot of guys that can play multiple positions. We may even have to move some of those guys down because we can't take them off the field. A lot of competition going on there."

With a few additions up front offensively, this unit will be a strength the Wildcats hope to rely on. Along with preseason All-American honoree, running back Desmond Phillips.

Phillips: "They go to work everyday. They work day in and day out. I just run behind them. I just do whatever they ask me to do. If they want me to run inside, I'll run inside. Outside, outside. I just take pride in anything I have to do. Blocking, it doesn't matter."

Davis: "Our offensive line has been together for three years now. So, they are looking pretty solid this year. They are getting better everyday. Our offense is actually looking really solid."

Duvendeck: "Offensive line has been looking pretty good. We've added a couple pieces that can give us some depth and challenge the B starters, which is obviously going to open up our running game."

A lot of hard work has been poured in to this program, from alumni down to the players. It's time all the dedication pays off.

Duvendeck: "We sat down first day of team meetings and pointed that out. Hey, new guys, we need you, but respect what these old guys have put in to build to get to where we are to allow to put a field in, to allow us to have new uniforms, to allow us to have these other perks that the kids want. It will lead to some championships hopefully."