2014 KHQA Barnstorm Tour: Brown County

As you pull up to Brown County high school, you immediately know you're in Hornet country. Posted in big green letters, you've entered a territory of hardworking men that don't rebuild on the football field, they just reload. Tom Little's squad has hit the ground running in Mt. Sterling. And nothing is driving them more then their blowout loss to the team down the road that's had their number as of late. This is a new year though and they've learned from their mistakes...

Rick Little: "our

two losses to Central were both tough. Being so close to each other, the communities have that rivalry between them. It's a game we want to come out and win. We didn't get it done last year and we know we have stuff to improve on."

Michael Scoggan: "the

Central loss was a great downfall for us. But, you just got to go up from there. It was a great loss, but it also helped us in the end. It makes us come back stronger next year."

Little: "this

group has really worked hard in the offseason, in the weightroom, just going things together, being good teammates. We're just excited about the season and we've been excited about the atmosphere they've brought to camp and the beginning of two-a-days."

In a conference known for its physicality, Brown County will rely on talented bodies in the trenches defensively. They also have plenty of players who saw playing time a year ago in the secondary.

Scoggan: "coach Fullerton is a great coach. He's a great line coach. He knows what he's doing, he's had a lot of experience. Our kids have been through here three to four years already. Most of our line is a pretty old line. I mean they know what's expected of them. I expect great things from them."

"I think we're just going to be as good as we've always been. Just going to keep bringing it everyday. We're going to have to speed up the game for the younger kids. We lost a lot of linemen last year, but we can replace them. Everything is replaceable."

Little: "with the way we're able to play we were able to get a lot of guys playing time last year. We did lose a lot in the defensive backfield but Brady Robinson got a lot of opportunities last year. Jack Ruble, was spot starting even at times and played some big games for us. Nick Doyle is another one that's stepped up and looked good in the offseason, we hope to get a lot out of him too."

Perhaps the biggest area of concern for this team is on offense. The Hornets scored 55 touchdowns in 2013, the men responsible for 41 of those have graduated. Emphasis will be on the running back position and at quarterback.

Little: "Jared Frye and Brady Robinson battling at quarterback are both very unique in their talents and skill set. Either one is going to be very valuable to our offense either at our quarterback squat or in another way in the backfield. Michael Scoggan and Nick Doyle coming back."

Scoggan: "brady and Braxton of course are gone and it's going to take a lot of replace them but we've got great running backs coming in and we expect them to do great things."

Little: "their here early before practice visiting, playing hackysack, you know, playing catch. Just excited to be here. We love that atmosphere that they want to be here and get better and want to continue that tradition of getting to the playoffs."

With Brown County in Hornet County, Will Wilson, KHQA Sports.