2014 Barnstorm Tour: Highland Cougars

A new philosophy, a new motto, a new offense and a different team. All brought together by a new coach for the Highland Cougars. Since taking over in June, Mason Swisher hasn't had the ideal time to instill all of his ideology. But the way his team has bought in to his system is certainly making up for lost time.

Mason Swisher: "coming to a program that hasn't had as much success, they work extremely hard, they are enthusiastic, anything we want them to do no push-back. They are ready to win and we are trying to put them in a situation with an offense and defense that's simple."

Dalton Sparks: "coach is making us work a lot harder. We are sitting there always giving it 110% and the younger kids that are stepping up are going hard every play so it's making us work a lot harder. So, pushing everything. The program is going to get better."

Austin Richmiller: "I like what we're doing on offense. I like running the option-spread offense. I think it's going to be successful. It's going to be different last year. We are all learning but I think it's going to be successful."

Highland will be led by Austin Richmiller once again under center. He's the heart and soul of this team and has a will to win that's unmatched. He takes it as a privelage to help this team succeed.

Richmiller: "I take it as a responsibility to lead our team on and off the field. I want us to be successful in both areas."

Swisher: "austin has done a great job. He's a very good athlete. He's a big kid which means he's going to be hard to bring down. We just have to protect him and put in some protections just to make sure he has ample time to throw that football. Again, he's big. He ought to be a defensive linemen. He's 6'3 about 210, so I'm happy to have a kid that size at QB."

Richmiller: "I think with the spread offense we are going to have a more dynamic offense. I think we are going to put up more points each game."

Sparks: "I have a lot of confidence in him. He knows the offense so he's going to run it as it should be. He's just going to push everybody, we are going to play as a team."

Turning a program around is no overnight success story. Especially with such a new culture only implanted for two short months. Progress with be determined with the eye test, while the wins will surely follow.

Swisher: "they'll find a way to get it done. We are going to look at it, as long as we are improving, we are out there to win every game. We are going to give them a game plan, the coaches, the assistant coaches are doing a great job coaching them. We are going to give them a game plan to give them a chance to win."

Sparks: "if we win a lot more, more kids are going to come out. It's going to make us constantly get better so it will help out the program a lot."

Swisher: "as long as we're getting better and we're doing the things we need to do. The kids run, they hustle, as long as they are trying and they keep doing that, we're going to have a chance to win."

Richmiller: "it would be a ton for me to have a winning season. We've had some in basketball I'd love to be able to have one in football. It would mean a lot."