2013 KHQA Girls Basketball Player of the Year: JORDAN FRERICKS, Quincy Notre Dame


JORDAN FRERICKS, Quincy Notre Dame

Rationale: Jordan joins some very select company here as a repeat winner of our top girls basketball honor: Ruth Kipping, Dewella Holiday, and Jennifer Goetz. Those are the pantheon area names of the last two decades and I'd put Jordan's career resume up against any of them now that it is complete. Three state championships. A third place finish in the Miss Illinois Basketball voting. A grand total of four career high school losses in four years. And the most well stuffed Senior Season stat line we've seen in a long time. Jordan's high school Swan Song stats saw her average 16 points, 8 rebounds, 5 steals, 3 steals and nearly 3 blocks per game; all while shooting a tidy 62% from the field. This mind you, while playing alongside another First Team All State selection. Factor in the praise Jordan drew this season from Eric Orne for stepping out of her shyness and adopting a true leadership role for this powerhouse program and you really do have the definition of a bulletproof resume. Again, for all of that, I think Jordan's even more indelible legacy is the fact that she and her teammates have done more to make High School Girls Basketball visible, mainstream and top of mind (in one of Illinois traditional bastion of great boys play, no less) than any ad campaign or forced political correctness. People who loved basketball loved watching the Lady Raiders play. They wanted to watch them play because they were the height of the art form and as entertaining as any boys team around. And they turned out in back to back nights, 2200 strong, to watch the girls on the big stage at the KHQA SUBWAY Superfan Shootout. They were big ticket television viewing when their state games were broadcast locally for the last two years. Bottom line, Jordan and her friends were like the basketball circus come to town and everyone wanted a glimpse. And the ride was truly amazing and historic, one that will be talked about in these parts for decades to come. A standard not unlike the 1981 Blue Devils, but also unique in their own form of accomplishment.


Runner-Up: KASSIDY GENGENBACHER, Quincy Notre Dame

Viewers Vote: BREANNE BEGEMAN, Unity

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