2013 KHQA Football Player of the Year: JORDAN CHAPEL, QND



      Wide Receiver/Defensive Back, Quincy Notre Dame

      Rationale: Subjective opinions are simply that, subjective. I have no idea emperically speaking if we got this right or not. But I can tell you with 100% certainity that we were true to our core values in selecting Jordan Chapel as the 2013 KHQA Player of the Year. Simply put, the same standard that made Derrick Schone last year's winner servered as the deciding factor again here. In essence: which player's reach was broadest in the overall success of their program. Of the guys we looked at, only Chapel, Mitch Nichols and Caleb Kizer could be considered Top 30 players in the area Offensively, Defensively and in Special Teams. Looking at it even more microscopically, Chapel was the only Top 10 guy in all in that trio in all three phases of the game. Rare is the All State player whose best position on the field is so open to debate. I tend to think Jordan was a better Free Safety than Wide Receiver, but I have been successfully argued with to the contrary on that point. And his intangibles here as a team leader, captain, and arguably the one "face of the franchise" guy to emerge from QND's "success through collective" approach certainly supported the pick; though from top to bottom, it was a very high character group of finalists when you also had Malique Robbins, Malik Bondon, Nichols, Kizer and Michael Johson in your Final six as well. There's not one single disqualifier in that bunch. Jordan had great numbers (particulary moved by the 70 tackles, eight interceptions, and 19 yards per catch averages he fashioned) as well as a resume full of splash plays that seemed to say "pick me." More to the point, I am not sure there is a player I saw who was better in tight "must have" spots this season. The longer we sat on this decision, the more it became a really comfortable, sensible one to me in the process. I think we picked a super football player and a true class act young man. My only misgiving is that this is the second year in a row our POY won't play football in college, because part of me selfishly loves to see the culture fed. Still when Jordan is tearing up the college baseball diamond somewhere the next four years, even that one minor flaw in an otherwise sterling resume likely won't matter.


      Runner Up: MITCH NICHOLS, Hannibal

      Past Winners:

      2012: Derrek Schone, Concord Triopia

      2011: Chris Jackson, Macomb

      2010: Ser Whitaker, Illini West

      2009: Michael Lafferty, Illini West

      2008: Javis Vineyard, Clark County

      2007: James Vandenberg, Keokuk

      2006: Andrew Bergeson, Hannibal

      2005: Tony Hall, South Shelby

      2004: Trevor Frericks, Quincy Notre Dame

      2003: Cliff Bumgarner, Concord Triopia

      2002: Cody Grotts, Carthage

      2001: Jensen Jones, West Prairie/LaHarpe

      2000: Wyatt Green, Carthage

      1999: Matt Paris, Monroe City