Kevin Krietemeyer: "It's been a lot of fun. The kids have been great and I have enjoyed every second of it."

And Coach K's already high enthusiasm threshold will sky-rocket if he can breathe new life into an offense that struggled mightily in 2012. To that end, he's got eight returning staters and new Spread System designed around Quarterback Brady Loos and some incredibly promising targets.

Alex Blickhan: "I think this new style that we are coming into is going to play better into the talent we have this year."

Brady Loos "We've got Cameron Brink. He's from Payson. We have Alex Blickhan, who you just interviewed. He's really fast. We've got Scott Lentz, who came out just this year. He's a 6'5" Tight End. Has the best hands I've ever seen."

Kevin Krietemeyer: "We are going to go fast. I have been telling the kids, talking about tempo. We are doing a little extra conditioning. I've been telling them I want to snap the ball about every ten seconds, hopefully. Oregon Style. Go as quickly as possible. Make them have to adjust to us. Spread them out. We've got some athletes out there and we want to make sure they are getting the ball in their hands. We just want to play fast"

Assuming even marginal Offensive Improvement, the Mustang Defense is good enough to translate a little extra support into a lot more wins. It's a group nine returning starters deep highlighted by a Defensive Line that would be the envy of most College Basketball Programs.

Duerr: Lane Davis, Gage are big up front.

Kevin Krietemeyer: "Huge. We are going to go 6'4" 215lbs across the board. At nose as well. We got a new kid, Scott Lentz. He's never played football. From Payson. Huge and we are going to put him in the middle. And we are going to anchor him with Lane and Gage. And then we moved Scott Beck to outside linebacker. And now with our three down front, we bring an extra hat. And it's Scott Beck who is a pretty athletic kid."

Lane Davis: "Oh yeah. We have a pretty big front line, compared to other teams so it should be harder to throw over, hopefully."

Kevin Krietemeyer: "I am calling the offense, so I have been a little frustrated because I know that our Defense is way, way ahead of our offense. Which is nice to know that first game, we are ready to roll."

Duerr: The Big Three in this Conference...I know you guys would like to break in. What has to go right for you to make your move to the top of this conference?

Lane Davis: "We really have to play together. We have to play hard every chance we get. No slacking. We have to play hard every day."

Alex Blickhan: "I feel like our team chemistry is much better than it was in the past."

Kevin Krietemeyer: "We're excited to play those guys and see where we stand at. First week is West Central and they beat us up pretty good last year. If we take care of the football and not turn the ball over, tackle better, we are going to be okay."