"I think our kids have an unbelievable desire to really be great, and they want that to happen, now its just about going out and doing it. I never question our kids heart or commitment or anything like that, its about them going out and making plays when a play needs to be made,"

The numbers on the team are as good as Coach Mike Bickerman has ever seen in his tenure. Clearly, last year's 2-7 record has done nothing to dampen football mania in Rushville. That's because there's one buzzword floating around Rocket camp that has the team eager for a new year.

"We definitely have a lot more speed than last year. We've graduated some bigger, heavier, more traditional linemen, but we've brought in quicker and lighter guys. it's a whole different ballgame to play behind people that will get out hard and fast and open up the holes quickly for you,"

You can never go wrong with team speed. The Rockets' front lines aren't traditionally big, but they are non-traditionally fast.

"We can keep going, even in the 4th quarter. We're fast and tall with a lot of linemen over 6 foot 2, which is a tremendous advantage when it comes to passing over us,"

"Its really good, especially when you get deeper into the field. They can keep going and get you blocks 5 or 6 yards deep and you can really make some good runs,"

Rushville-Industry's line strength goes hand-in-hand with its experience in the offensive backfield, namely returning quarterback Mason Plater and tailback J.R. Boyd. Beyond that, Coach Bickerman has more than enough rushing options.

"J.R. Boyd, Alek President, and Brady Crane will get the ball, along with a few sophomores, and there's a few juniors moving up like Eli Irwin. It will be more about the rushing total, where the individual totals don't look as impressive, but hopefully the rushing total for the game will look good,"

The 2013 version of Rocket football could prove a pleasant surprise in downhill ball movement; its still a work in progress, but something that could very well net them a pair of home wins to start the year.

"I'm real excited for the first game. After that it's about getting the kinks worked out and putting together a good game,"

"Two good tests to start off the season, two teams that play similar to us in North Fulton and BPCA, so we're looking forward to it. Then once we get into the conference schedule, it steps up right away with Farmington and Elmwood back-to-back, but we're real excited for the season to get going,"