2013 KHQA Barnstorm Tour: QUINCY HIGH BLUE DEVILS


      No time for excuses.

      No room for self-pity.

      Nothing but pure accountability...and a desire to set things right.

      That is the building crescendo in Blue Devil camp this Summer after two straight season that met no one's standards...

      Rick Little "We've got to get back to the playoffs and enough with the lip service."

      Two years worth of burst playoff bubbles and empty Novembers have worked to laser sharpen Quincy High's resolve. An adversity that has served to forge a more intense, driven collective demeanor in camp. In short, these Blue Devils have taken on the better characteristics of their Senior Leaders. Guys like All Conference Linebacker River Bugh.

      River Bugh: "I try to do my best on every play. Try to lead the lead. I want everybody else to do their best. Attack the football at all times. Never stop on a play. And never give up. And hopefully, we come out on top."

      Rick Little: "People don't talk about him as much as maybe he deserves. He's a guy that has constant motor, pure hustle. He will hit you. He takes leadership in that huddle. And he wants to win, like so many others, but he has that extra added passion and he wants to get things done. And when you have a guy like that as a coach you feel like that is an extension of you on the field."

      In short, it is a grafting of blue chip grit and mettle to a team already long on talent. And it is particularly pronounced from kids like Bugh and Malique Robbins in elevating a Defense that is rife with potential playmakers.

      Rick Little: "You know every piece, we feel like we've got talent on the field. We aren't not hiding anybody or hoping somebody doesn't run there."

      Matt Bilgri: "It's really great to come out and know that somebody has got your back there, can make plays whenever."

      River Bugh: "We all flow to the ball well. I think that is a part of it. No one player is a stud. Well...we got a lot of studs but no player is better than anyone else. Everybody else just works together good, knows their gaps, and covers their key responsibilities."

      In conjunction with a defense that should be made both more ferocious and business like in its impact, Quincy High returns the key components of an offense that averaged 27 points per game last season. It is a unit that is headlined by Malique Robbins, but whose success relies on continuing to develop counterpunchers to their Franchise Back.

      Malique Robbins: " That's huge, especially now since we are "All Conference" (reputation targets) The way that we run the ball and can spread it out is huge."