2013 KHQA Barnstorm Tour: KNOX COUNTY EAGLES

"If the coaches came out and said we should do something different, I don't think we could do it. This offense just fits us like a glove,"

"We kind of ran this offense last year against Scotland County so its really nothing new. Four of our five starting linemen this year started off and on last year, so they kind of have experience and its really not that big of a deal to put it in,"

Knox County plans to bring something a little different to the table this year. We'll soon find out what happens when the Tri-Rivers Conference meets the Pac-12. The Eagles will unveil their brand of up-tempo football in the style of the Oregon Ducks, most notably. It comes down to Coach Alex Van Delft merely playing to his biggest strength.

"When you watch Coach Summers' basketball team, you can see all of the athletes out there. It would be stupid of me not to use the athletes and try to put them out in space, so that's what we're going to try and do with Royce, Donovan, Brody and all of the other guys who can contribute. Its about putting them out in space and letting them beat somebody one-on-one,"

With as many athletes as Knox County has available for offense, the combinations seem limitless. Especially when you throw in returning quarterback Donovan Edwards, who's versatility accounted for nearly 20 total touchdowns a year ago. There's a slight adjustment period when you throw in this speed of play, but judging by last week's scrimmage, the Eagles have the gears turning.

"Mainly getting worn out. We have to run a lot so we need to build up our stamina especially people like me who get tired pretty quickly,"

"Everyone has to stay focused and know what they're going to do when they get up to the line, we don't have time to mess around. It takes hard work in practice to understand what we're going to do in games,"

"It's based around Wing-T concepts, which are as old as football, but we are doing some things with spread concepts and incorporating different things. it's a little different but it is fun to watch and fun to run,"

Last year's 7-4 finish was the third-best season in program history - meaning this team now knows where they should set the bar. It also means the rest of the conference has taken notice.

"A great season doesn't mean anything for this year. Even though we have a bunch of returning people, if we can't keep our progression up then we won't be great. Every other team in our conference has progressed so we have to keep up our progression if we want to be great,"

The sooner this team can work out any offensive kinks, the better, seeing as how construction on their home turf will keep the Eagles playing on the road until Week 4. They've got the athletes to make it happen, now its just time to let other teams figure that out first hand.

"Our intensity for sure. Milan is a team that is always hyping on the sideline, so we need to get a lot of intensity, keep it going, and get the momentum early,"

"We have a lot of 3 year starters on the offensive line so its time for them to start dominating and gelling together. There's no excuses anymore; they're juniors now who started as freshmen and sophomores so its time for them to start taking over and open some lanes for these athletes,"