His five year tenure at his alma mater included a State Championship in 2008 and the vanquishing of Centralia's eight year Clarence Cannon Title run last fall.

Success rooted to a large degree in Quentin Hamner's innovative Defensive schemes.

But dismissing the continued "top of the food chain" viability of Clark County Football, or the stinginess of its trademark D, in the wake of Hamner's departure, might prove incredibly short sighted....

Especially for a team that might deserve its own tribute week on the Discovery Channel.

Colin McKee: "We are Sharks to Blood. We will hustle. We will get to the ball. And we will do our best."

Jacob Trump: "We still have the same mentality we always have here at Clark County. Just getting to the ball and flying to the ball no matter what."

Scott Murdock: "When it comes to Defense, that's just who they are. They are tough kids and they are going to rally to the ball and they are going to do their job well."

Newly hired Defensive Coordinator David Melton is stepping into perhaps the biggest pair of Defensive Shoes in Tri State Football. But his predecessor in Kahoka left the cupboard far from bare. If the Indians rebuilt line can gel, Clark County has a chance to rekindle last season's Championship ferocity.

Phillip Mason: "If we can set the line of scrimmage and have Jake (Trump) flying in and Thayden Cline flying in, we will be pretty good. We will be set."

Scott Murdock: "We had a great group last year. They're really good kids. But I think these kids this year...they are going to step up to the plate, learn what they need to do. They are going to be technical and they are going to work their rear ends off."

What the Indians Line lacks in experience, it makes up for in size and potential, not to mention great support from the Back Eight including proven clean up guys in Safety Jayvin Ray (64 tackles, 5 Interceptions in 2012) and Linebacker Jacob Trump (91 tackles in 2012)

Scott Murdock: "Jacob is a coach on the field. He is a kid who holds himself accountable. He does the right things on and off the field. That's why football is such a great game, because individuals like Jacob Trump can show their ability on the football field ...Not just as a player but as a man."

Before being promoted to Head Coach this past Spring, Scott Murdock honed quite a reputation for offensive creativity in Kahoka, which makes the rebuild on that side of the football seem more fluid. The biggest change will come at Quarterback where Wide Receiver Jayvin Ray replaces an All Stater in Austin Egley.

Jayvin Ray: "It's a little different. Austin was more of the runner type and he taught me a lot of good things so hopefully I can transition into what he does so we can keep some of the same things in play and do little things different."

Scott Murdock: "My philosophy is I believe a Quarterback should be a runner. JayRay will run the ball. The advantage is that we will have now is that he definitely throws a great ball and we've got some good Wide Receiver. Ultimately my goal is to be 50/50 in the play calling. And with him, we have a high success rate of doing something like that."

Duerr: "It's got to be a little weird. You guys were picked to win this Conference last year and you did. People are now pointing different directions this year. Centralia. Palmyra. That has to stick in the craw a little bit, doesn't it?"

Phillip Mason: "Yeah...we will be working as hard as we can to get to where we need to go and what we are aiming for is state."

Jacob Trump: " I had a lot of fun last year playing behind Austin Egley, playing behind that big line. This year it is going to be a whole lot different.

But that is what is exciting about it. Playing behind JayRay, Phillip and our new line. It's going to be exciting to see what we can do. Going into this season, we have high hopes and high dreams and we are going to conquer them."