Tyler Buhlig: "I think our kids are really relaxed coming into this season knowing there hasn't been a lot of change in terms of coaching philosophy and kind of the way we've done things around here in the past. It's still the same even though there is kind of a new guy leading the way."

Cole Huey: "Like the relationship between everybody, it hasn't changed. Everything is good with that. It's just like normal around here without Elmore"

And the new normal in Beardstown means a continued steady diet of the Old Calhoun Triple Option for Tiger Opponents. The upshot of which is that Coach Buhlig returns talented and experienced pieces in his backfield, starting with a rising star at Quarterback in Gus Vermillion.

Tyler Buhlig: "We've got a Quarterback that started as a Junior in Gus Vermillion who we are looking for him to take the next step and be one of the better players in the area and hopefully in the state. And we also have a few running backs coming back. We have a Fullback in Cole Huey and a Halfback in Alex Myles. We are looking for some big things from them this year."

Gus Vermillion: "They are all great running backs and we all have great chemistry. They get the job done."

The broader concern in executing that offense is rebuilding a Line that was decimated by graduation.

Paul Crowe: "Just be a leader. That's my job (as only returning starter up front) is to try to get the younger guys to step up and be leaders. It's been my job so far. Being a leader, teaching them how to do it.'

Tyler Buhlig: "I think our kids realize how close we were to doing something real special last year. It's kind of shown in the Summer how hard they've worked and how hard they want it."

If those linemen can collectively make the leap, Beardstown is otherwise positioned well positioned for continued success...and absolutely loaded on the other side of the Football.

Cole Huey: "Our Defense. Our Defense is almost unstoppable. I think in our scout team work, we've let our scout team score on just just twice in the last two weeks. Can't get anything past us."

Tyler Buhlig: "I am confident in our defensive team speed. We've got most of our Defensive Backfield back; our Linebackers back. I look for that to be the best part of our Defense. Now we also had a transfer that came in from California: Alejandro Rodriguez that we are looking for some big things out of him at Nose Guard too. So I feel confident that our Defense is going to keep us in games and then our offense can shine and kind of win us some games.

Gus Vermillion: "Definitely have a lot of expectations. We are all looking to do great things on the team. And we are building up to do it."

Paul Crowe: "I think the next step is to go deeper in the Playoffs. I think that is the next step for everybody, getting to the playoffs and then keep going. The biggest goal is to be state champions but that is a Dream. A Big Dream..." {>}


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