Tackle the summer with David's Camping Hacks

Sunday at 10pm: David's Camping Hacks

The smell of the outdoors can really clear your mind.

KHQA wants to help you prepare or the summer season ahead.

If you want to plan your first camp out or you're an experienced camper and it just isn't getting any easier, you're watching the perfect story.

KHQA's David Amelotti says he has a list of camping hacks that even non-campers can benefit from.

He has your camping hacks at Saukenauk Scout Reservation in Mendon, IL.

You can watch his story above!

  1. Let’s start with fire. Need fire kindling materials? Try a bag of Doritos. The popular snack is flammable and will keep your fire going strong.
  2. Let's say Doritos don't satisfy. The ultimate fire starter is an egg carton filled with charcoal, light it, and stand back.
  3. You have a fire, you should cook! Looking for a place to put your kitchen tools? Simple. Just grab a belt, put it around a tree trunk, and put some hooks on it.
  4. Let's say you want to grill but don't have a grill. Simple solution. Grab a rake. Perfect for grilling foil packs (a hack itself because it saves you from cleaning plates). You just need someone to hold on while you rotate.
  5. Can't live without music. No worries take a ceramic mug with you. place your cell phone inside it acts as a natural sound amplifier so you don't have to carry around large speakers with you at all times
  6. At some point, you'll have to get ready for bed. Soap isn't just useful for cleaning. Here's a trick I learned when getting ready for Boy Scout Summer Camp. Put your valuables into a soap bar container. No thief would think to check your soap bar...unless they see this story. Sorry.
  7. If you camp in cold weather, you'll want warm clothes. Especially in the morning. Therefore, put tomorrow's clothes in your sleeping bag with you when you go to sleep. You can do the Boy Scout approach and wear tomorrow's clothes to bed as pajamas.
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