Quincy native joins Trump's Ag Advisory Committee

Quincy native joins Trump's Ag Advisory Committee

A sixth generation farmer from Adams County has now been selected to be on President-Elect Donald Trump's Agriculture Advisory Committee.

Quincy Native Trent Loos is a 1984 graduate from Payson-Seymour High School.

He is one of around 60 to be asked to be on the committee which consists of elected officials and farmers.

"If you look at the list of individuals, there are some elected officials," said Loos. "But they're elected officials from states that have a strong agricultural base. The wide share of the individuals on this committee are farmers. Farmers that get their hands dirty everyday taking care of the soil. So it's not just a figurehead of people that just talk about agriculture. It's people that are actually engaged in the business of making farming better."

Loos said President-Elect Donald Trump is the first President or Presidential candidate to have an Ag Advisory Committee.

Loos said it'll be his responsibility to make recommendations to better inform Trump's administration about the outlook of rural America.

"I think it's really an extension of everything we saw during the campaign in terms of getting out with the people and making sure that Donald Trump as President will remain a person representing the representative republic that we live in. The only way you know how you represent the people is if you hear what they're saying. That's the concept of that committee and why I'm proud to be a part of it," Loos said.

Loos currently lives in Nebraska.

He regularly speaks across the United States and several countries talking about agriculture.

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