A year in review for "This Week In Agriculture"

This year in review we take issues that are important to those in Agriculture and we give them a voice.

The industry of agriculture is diverse.

From farmers to teachers to horticulturalists.

Here at KHQA, we like to put the spotlight on and report the stories that matter most.

Over the past year, This Week In Agriculture has showcased those in the agricultural community.

We followed farmers out in the field from planting season to harvest. Stressing the importance of tractor safety on the roadways and following crop production.

We were there when farmers helped farmers harvest a field as the mighty Mississippi River threatened to wash it out.

We've shown how not only agriculture forms a basis of food security, but how farmer's markets increased food options for low-income Iowans.

From new innovative ways of creating livestock feed at Quincy Farm Products, and keeping up with our local legislatures to see how they're fighting for farmers.

This Week In Agriculture has put the spotlight on an industry which holds the importance of providing food and jobs in society.

"This Week in Agriculture" airs every Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

If you have an Ag related story for 2017, please feel free to bring it to our attention.

You can contact us at with your story ideas.

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