Iowa Gov. signs House File 291 into law

Iowa Gov. signs House File 291 into law. Photo courtesy of Bradstad office.

On Friday morning, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed House File 291 into law.

House File 291 is an Act relating to employment matters involving public employees including collective bargaining, educator employment matters, personnel records and settlement agreements, city civil service requirements, and health insurance matters, making penalties applicable, and including effective date, applicability, and transition provisions.

Find out more about the bill here.

In a statement released Friday from Branstad's office, Branstad says he's pleased to sign the bill into law.

“I’m very pleased to sign this bill into law,” said Gov. Branstad. “These necessary reforms to our antiquated 43 year old public employee collective bargaining law bring fairness for Iowa taxpayers and flexibility to public employees. This bill also gives local governments, schools and state government greater freedom in managing their resources with the opportunity to reward good public employees. I want to thank all of the legislators who worked diligently and thoroughly to pass these much needed reforms, including Speaker Linda Upmeyer, Majority Leader Chris Hagenow, Majority Leader Bill Dix, President Jack Whitver, Chairman Dave Deyoe, Representative Steve Holt and Chairman Jason Schultz.”
Lt. Gov. Reynolds also applauded the reforms adding, “I’m excited about the long overdue reforms that have been put in place today. My experience as county treasurer for 13 years gave me a firsthand look at how out of balance the system had become. Finally, Iowa taxpayers have a seat at the table and local governments are empowered to make decisions in the best interests of their communities and schools. These changes will improve our educational system by giving local districts the ability to recruit and retain the best teachers in every classroom across the state. This new, balanced system is something all Iowans can celebrate.”

KHQA's Statehouse Reporter Steffi Lee has been following the progress of this bill from the beginning.

Hear from her tonight on KHQA News with the latest.

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