Durbin wants urgency when dealing with Illinois budget impasse


The first congressional session of President Trump's administration sees victories on both sides of the aisle.

The session has had bipartisan efforts to accomplish lawmakers' goals during the first few months of the current Congress.

A government shut down was avoided earlier this month when Congress approved a federal budget.

Illinois Senior Senator and minority whip Dick Durbin says the budget was a bipartisan effort.

He says the budget was a major issue facing Congress in recent months.

Senator Durbin say he wishes the state of Illinois would operate with the same urgency when dealing with the state budget impasse.

"I hope that in Springfield in the next few days that they can finally come up with a budget, otherwise our state is going to be an even worse disaster than what it currently is," Durbin told KHQA via a phone interview.

Congress and President Donald Trump now have until Sept. 30 to figure out how to fund the federal government for the fiscal year that begins October 1st.

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