Wedding vendors step forward to help fire victims

Sandy Blickhan with Something Borrowed Wedding and Event Decor in Quincy arranges wedding decor

A bride-to-be's life changed two weeks ago in Quincy.

Fire destroyed her duplex on south 10th Street earlier this month.

This Spirit of the Tri-States report brought to you by Continental Cement and Green America Recycling shows you what she lost and the friends she's gained in the process.

"You always see on the news, you always see articles," Jessica Fry said. " Oh my gosh, that's a tragedy. You never think it's going to be you."

Fry is getting married in October. However, four months before one of the happiest days of her life, she experienced grief, sadness and loss. Her two beloved dogs died in this fire from smoke inhalation. She lost all of her belongings. Now she's taking steps to rebuild her life and her future.

"You honestly have to take it day by day," she explained.

Now some local wedding vendors have stepped forward to help Jessica prepare for her big day. Something Borrowed Wedding and Event Decor, Lavish Floral, Cakes by Karen and Celebrations Party Shop are donating their services to help make Fry and her fiance's big day special.

"Years ago, I was a victim of a fire, and when I saw their story on TV, I partnered with several other businesses," Something Borrowed owner Sandy Blickhan explained. "This was something that fell in my lap, and I have the items to share. The wedding decor that they have chosen is almost exactly the same as what my daughter had in September. Just a different color. I already have everything they need."

"I feel very much grateful for everything that they've done," Fry responded. " I don't want to say like nothing happened but being able to move on with all that support and people there for you has just been incredible."

"You just never know when something is going to happen to you," Blickhan said. "Always be aware of other people's situations. You can help out if you're available to."

Quincy police arrested a 10-year-old boy in connection to the fire that destroyed Fry's home earlier this month.

The Quincy Police Department is not releasing his name due to his age, but he now faces a residential arson charge.

He's been released to his parent.

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