Adams County Fair helps Quincy boy whose home was destroyed

Anna Sutton and her family lost everything in a Quincy house fire

A contestant in the Little Mr. Adams County Fair didn't win a crown Wednesday night, but he gained many new friends out of his experience.

This Spirit of the Tri-States Report, brought to you by Continental Cement and Green America Recycling, has one family's story of loss, and how the community stepped in to help.

Bryson Smith and his family lost everything in this Quincy house fire last week.

He competed in this week's Little Mr. Adams County Fair Pageant.

His fellow contestants along with the Adams County Fair Board collected donations for the family during its Tea Party Fundraiser last week.

The boy's mother says she can't thank the community enough for their generosity.

"We want to help you in some way," Anna Sutton said. "She texted me asking if it was OK to do this and I was like 'yeah, absolutely I'm not going to turn away no help.' But it's hard. It's hard accepting help when you've always worked for everything you've ever owned."

Sutton said she's looking for a place to live.

She also said it's difficult to accept certain donations when she has no place to put them.

The American Red Cross is helping the family.

You can learn more about how to help them by contacting the American Red Cross.

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