Senator Chuck Grassley speaks in Burlington

Senator Chuck Grassley made a stop in Burlington, Iowa today.

Grassley was speaking to the Lions Club and members from the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs.

He held a question and answer session with the people in the audience.

They asked him questions dealing with energy, banking and the upcoming election.

KHQA was able to speak with Grassley a little bit about the economy.

He feels we could be in a much worse position.

"This is a historic history lesson that we have to learn from the depression of the 1930's," said Grassley. "When the fed did nothing and the Secretary of the Treasury did nothing, then of course FDR came in and there were some changes made, but don't forget we still had a depression for 10 years becasue we didn't act immediately"

Grassley told KHQA he does not feel we acted quickly enough during these economic struggles.

But he says a matter of months is a great deal shorter than a matter of years, as was the case in the 1930's.