Quincy council members could become members of C Corp

Members of the Quincy City Council are a step closer to becoming members of the city's hydropower Corporation or "C Corp."

Monday night, the council heard the first reading of an ordinance, which would put all 14 council members on the board.

Right now, the C Corp has five members, which includes two aldermen and the mayor.

Mayor John Spring said, "We have to make a change in our ordinance to allow for that so that was the first step tonight. We'll have three readings, and then move that to the C Corp, which will have to subsequently vote on it as well."

The Quincy City Council has not yet decided on the next step for the city's hydropower project.

In other action, the council approved a resolution to spend $10,384 for 1,600 recycle containers from a Canadian company, which had the lowest bid.