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      New polling location for Hannibal voters

      Increased security measures in the Hannibal school district mean that Ward 1 voters in Hannibal will cast their ballots in a new location.

      Recent security upgrades like key card entry have made the Hannibal school district safer than ever before.

      To maintain that safety, the district decided not to serve as a Ward 1 voting location this year.

      "There was a election in August and we agreed that that would be the last one we would hold," business manager Rich Stilley said. "Obviously for the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff, we really feel (it's) necessary that the building needs to be locked. We limit who comes into the building. Obviously we want to know who's in there and leaving at all times."

      The Marion County Clerk contacted Mike Hall the director of the Marion County 911 office .

      Hall said after some discussion with his board about its own security concerns, the agency decided to help out.

      "Being a publicly funded entity by the county, we felt an obligation to the county to help in their time of need," Hall said. "And discussed it and found a workable solution that we're happy to be able to provide a portion of our facility for the public's ability to be able to come out and vote."

      The building has a training center which has a separate access other than the main entry door.

      Signs will also be posted to lead people into the room where the voting will take place.

      "Signage will be out along the highway and in the parking lot to direct folks to where parking for the polling place is and it should be easy in, easy out for everybody." Hall said.

      Mike Hall wants to remind people that the 911 office is past the ambulance base headed north on Highway 61 toward Palmyra.