New administration proposes new Quincy budget

Quincy City Council

The City of Quincy soon will vote on a new fiscal budget under a new administration.

Council members will review the first reading of the $32.7 million budget, which begins May 1.

Mayor Kyle Moore said the budget includes a $1 million increase over last year.

He added the city has a lot more expenses including a 226 percent increase in its salt budget and increased health insurance costs.

Moore said last year's budget authorized 316 full-time positions not including 911 staff.

He said this year's budget authorizes a little more than 304 positions.

"You'll see the city's doing more with less," Moore said. "You'll also see that we're spending more in capital and last year's budget spent a total of $13.9 million in capital for roads, streets, sidewalks, water and sewer plant. This year's budget is about a $21 million capital budget."

You can find that proposed budget by clicking here.

In other council action, aldermen approved the sale of non-essential property at 701 Jefferson to Mike Beebe for $250.