Mellon reacts after defeat in special Congressional election


For a second time in as many tries, Quincy-native Rob Mellon was defeated Thursday in his bid to secure the seat Illinois' 18th Congressional District.

"Well it's disappointing," Mellon said. "I've said before I'm a very competitive person, I don't take losing very well, everyone that knows me, they know that's the case."

Mellon said while there are no moral victories, he's happy with the amount of support the Democratic Party gave him.

"If you look back at the primary, we only had a 13 percent vote in the Democratic Party, we're almost to 35 percent now, that's a significant step forward with very limited resources."

Through fundraisers, Mellon and his team were able to raise roughly $13,000 while LaHood's camp raised more than two million dollars.

Mellon referred to the 18th District as a "safe" district for Republicans.

"With two million dollars in the safe district, and with the name recognition, it's a steep hill to climb. And to get almost 35 percent of the vote in that type of environment I think, like I said, it's not a success but it's a step forward," he said.

Shortly after the race was called, Mellon congratulated LaHood with a phone call.

"I told him I want to do the best possible job in our country, and then I extended my help," he said.

Mellon said he discussed his experience in veteran affairs and education with LaHood, and urged LaHood to reach out to him should he ever need help.

For now, Mellon said he plans to take a step back from politics and relax after a trying campaign.

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