McDonough County strip club could spark new ordinance

Two proposed ordinances regulating adult establishments comes after the strip club Wildlife opened on route 136 between Macomb and Colchester.

McDonough County could soon have new regulations for adult entertainment establishments.

Wednesday night the county board was given a draft of a proposed adult use ordinance that would set guidelines for strip clubs.

The county currently has nothing on the books for these types of businesses.

This proposal comes after the adult club Wildlife opened in February on route 136 between Macomb and Colchester.

The county board's law and legal committee wrote with the draft.

But chairman Matt McClure says even if passed the new ordinance will not affect Wildlife.


This ordinance actually won't apply to Wildlife because it's an existing business and from my understanding will be grandfathered in," McClure said. "So the ordinance will govern future establishments of that type."

A final vote on the ordinance is expected to happen next month after the law and legal committee submits the final draft.

Meanwhile, the Colchester City Council is also developing a new ordinance for adult clubs.

Colchester is not a zoned city which means officials can not prevent businesses like Wilflife from opening.

City Alderman Catherine says drafting an ordinance now will help the city better regulate any future establishments.

"We just need to have some regulations so that everyone is encouraged to be able to support business but also protect those who are not in favor of business so it does not infringe upon their rights," she said.

Colchester's proposed ordinance will also have no effect on Wildlife because the club lies outside of city limits.

Louderman says the first reading of the proposed ordinance should take place next month.