Lock and Dam 21 stays open during government shutdown

Government services across the country are shut down because of the budget debate in Washington.

But one service that is still in operation is

Lock and Dam 21 in Quincy

Because the river is so important to the national economy, the lock and dam has to stay functional at all times.

The shutdown is coming at one of the busiest times for the lock and dam.

From October to mid December the locks stay busy as fields are harvested and the grain is transported down river.

But lockmaster James McDaniel says that even though the lock and dam will stay open he and his team are not getting paid.

"We will eventually get paid but as of now our paychecks will not come to us until they resolve the issues in Congress or Washington D.C." McDaniel said.

McDaniel says that employee vacations were also canceled.

He also says the federal government provides just a bare minimum of emergency financial support to keep the lights on and keep the lock and dam running.

Elsewhere, signs of the government shutdown are popping up in other parts of the Tri-States.

U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development office at 338 S. 36th St. closed Tuesday.

The Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds at at Mark Twain Lake also closed.