LaBelle voters approve new water system

Improvements are on the way for LaBelle's water service.

LaBelle residents voted in support of replacing the city's main water system.

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It will cost an estimated at 2.5 million dollars.

KHQA's Chrissy Mueller explains why the costly problem is on the minds of many residents.

The LaBelle water and sewer bond has a steep price tag that had some residents concerned...but others think replacing the water system is unavoidable.

Karen Lasswell, Retired City Clerk, "Back when they first put in the water lines in the 50's, we didn't have the nursing home here, of course we didn't have the water usage that we do now, and so it's just a big need to get that taken care of. It'll have to be done sooner or later."

Those in favor of the issue are also concerned with the continued inconveniences that the old system causes.

"When there is a fire, the water pressure is not that great and sometimes we've had the water lines that have busted and then they've got to go fix them and you've got to boil your water for a couple days. Eventually they're all going to bust so you might as well put in the pipe and be done with it."

"Sometimes when there's water breaks there's no way to just shut off that portion of town and so part of the project will be to put in shut off valves."

It's the potential for higher water bills that had some wary of the bond issue. One voter did not want to be on camera but said, "I feel that it shouldn't be something that we should have to be taxed on because I feel they have the money to do it..or they should."

Now LaBelle residents can expect new water mains, more fire hydrants, and a larger water tower further from residential property.

It will be about a year before construction on the water system will begin.