Jefferson City building lockdown

UPDATE: 1:34 p.m. Our sister site,, has informed us that Governor Jay Nixon's Office has released the following statement:" Gov. Jay Nixon is monitoring the situation at the Governor TMs Office Building closely. The Governor is in his office in Jefferson City and just completed an updated briefing from Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent Col. James F. Kealthley. Gov. Nixon learned of this situation early this morning during a business meeting in Texas and returned to Jefferson City immediately. He has remained in constant contact with law enforcement personnel and his senior staff throughout the situation."

UPDATE: 1:02 p.m. Our sister site,, has informed us that police are slowly evacuating a downtown Jefferson City office building after a call came in reporting a hostage situation. Police are escorting small groups of people from Governor Office Building. They are then being taken into nearby Madison's Cafe where they are giving statements to police. There is NO confirmation of shots fired or hostages taken.Police will not say if they have talked with the woman who called the alarm company.

UPDATE: 12:30 p.m.

Our sister site,, has informed us that a woman called the alarm company Sonitrol, which called JCPD. It was not a automated alarm as reported earlier.

Police have identified the woman, but have not elaborated.

The police told the staff to remain in their offices and slowly evacuated the employees

Police have confirmed that no shots were fired.


A person inside the building said that the Highway Patrol is leading the evacuations of the building. He is not sure if there was actual violence.

ORIGINAL STORY: 11:45 p.m.

(AP) - Police have surrounded a Jefferson City office building near the Governor's Mansion and employees have been told to remain in their offices with the doors locked.

An office worker who was evacuated from one of the lower floors says police told him there was a hostage situation. But authorities have not confirmed that.

The Governor Office Building primarily houses the staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities. It also is home to the state's consumer advocacy office and a development finance board.

State employees in the building, reached by phone by The Associated Press, said police have told them to remain in their offices with the doors locked.