Illinois remembers Rep. Rich Myers

Upwards of 400 people gathered at a memorial service for Illinois Rep. Rich Myers Sunday. The service took place at the University Union Grand Ballroom on the Campus of Western Illinois University .

Myers lost his fight to prostate cancer Wednesday.

"May his memory be a blessing," said WIU President Al Goldfarb.

Goldfard was one of many people who spoke to the crowded ballroom Sunday. Senators Bill Brady and John Sullivan spoke as well as State Representatives Jil Tracy and Mike Bost. Each had their own story, their own memories of Myers and how great of a man he proved to be. "I thought is was a beautiful service and memorial and tribute to all that Rich Myers has meant to people, all that he's accomplished within the district," said Rep. Jil Tracy.

"It was one of the nicest services that I've ever attended. And well deserved for a good man," said Rep. Jim Watson.

Words his closest colleagues used to describe him inlcuded honesty, integrity, passion and modesty.

"The common theme was that he was a very humble man, that would have insisted we continue his good work," said Tracy.

"He was just your classic gentleman. And this is a business, as people have said, that tends to be less that civil. And he brought some much needed civility to what can sometimes be an ugly, ugly business," said Watson.

Throughout the ceremony, the lyrics to "You Are Mine" and "The Lord's Prayer" rang throughout the room.

"It can't be said enough, he earned so much respect over the years and was a true statesman, in the sense of the word. His imprint and the impact he's had on this state, in this region, will be felt forever, really in the state of Illinois," said Tracy.

Myers' burial followed at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in his hometown of Colchester. He is survived by his wife, Chris; daughter, Allison; mother Martha; brothers Donald and Charles Myers and numerous nieces and nephews.

Memorials can be made to Scotland Trinity Presbyterian Church, the McDonough District Hospital, and the Representative Rich Myers Agricultural Scholarship at Western Illinois University.

Those wishing to send flowers should have them delivered to the Scotland Trinity Presbyterian Church.