Grassley hears plenty from Lee County constituents

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley held one of his annual county wide town hall meetings in Lee County Iowa.

The senior senator from the Hawkeye state said he's hearing the same issues from voters across the state as he makes his way to several town hall meetings throughout Southeast Iowa.

During his town hall meeting, Grassley heard plenty of questions, but he also heard plenty of concerns from the people who made it to the Pilot Grove Community Room in Donnellson.

"About half the issues that came up come up at other town meetings as well. But there seems to be a great emphasis on medical care, the farm bill, too many regulations particularly EPA, the budget deficit and taxes because we are in a farming community with the estate tax," Grassley said.

During his hour long question and answer session, the federal E.P.A. was chastised by many in the crowd for imposing regulations on farmers that they feel hurt the ag industry. Grassley himself even had some strong words for the government agency.

The E.P.A. is going to take every law Congress passes and stretch it as far as they can get away with. And Congress hasn't been vigilant enough in our oversight to make sure they haven't gone too far and in too many instances they have gone too far," Grassley said.

Issues about social security, rural healthcare, the fast and furious gun program and the farm bill were discussed. Grassley personally wrote down comments from his constituents and was able to provide details to the issues Lee County residents wanted him to address.

Grassley has represented Iowa for the last 32 years.

He said he will be visiting 21 counties in Southeast and Southwest Iowa over the next two weeks.

Grassley says he visits every one of the 99 counties in Iowa each year while he's on break from his Congressional duties in Washington.