Former Quincy city employee files lawsuit against city

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A former city employee sues the City of Quincy and now an alderman wants to know why he didn't know about it.

Former Central Services employee Jane Smith was terminated from her position in January 2014.

Court documents show Smith is suing the city because she says her first amendment rights were violated when she spoke out against the city's proposal to privatize recycling and garbage collection.

The documents show Smith reached out to family, friends, and co-workers by drafting a petition in 2013 to voice concerns about privatized garbage collection.

Smith said she did this as a private citizen, not as a city employee.

Court documents say after a meeting with Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore, Smith agreed to stop distributing the petition

She argues she was fired because the administration didn't like her stance on the issue.

Moore claims Smith's termination was a budgetary decision.

The lawsuit was filed last fall, but 6th ward alderman Dan Brink asked Moore at Monday night's city council meeting why the council didn't know about it until now.

"I was just curious about when the administration became aware of legal action against the city, and reported it to the city council," Brink said after the meeting. "It appears we only became aware about it because the local newspaper reported it, so anything that has a financial impact on this city, we should be aware of it."

Moore declined to speak about the lawsuit since it's ongoing.

In the lawsuit, Smith seeks reinstatement, full back pay, seniority and benefits.

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