DCFS investigator jailed after bond revoked

Our news partner Kevin Payne with WTAD says, a DCFS investigator facing charges for drugs and threatening a police officer electronically was in court Wednesday.

50-year-old David Leezer of Camp Point is alleged to have sent graphic, threatening Facebook messages to Adams County sheriff's investigator Brad Waddill in 2010.

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At Wednesday's status hearing, a motion to modify bond was put off until a preliminary hearing set for March 23rd.

Bond was then revoked by Judge Scott Walden pending repairs to Leezer's GPS monitoring system which has reportedly been malfunctioning.

Leezer is being held in the Adams County jail until repairs are completed.

A psychological report previously ordered on Leezer was also filed.

In addition to the threatening a public official charge, Leezer faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.