Congressman Schock visits Quincy

(Quincy, Ill.) Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock was in Quincy Wednesday, April 15th to discuss his recent congressional delegation in Central and South America.

Two of the main topics of that trip was combating drug trafficking and trade.

He said the trade agreements between Columbia and Panama are two things that will be voted on by Congress this year.

Schock stressed that getting those passed and keeping a strong relationships with those countries the U-S trades with is very important to this area.

"Agriculture is the number one industry in this area," said Schock. "More people get their paycheck from agriculture than any other industry and they will benefit greatly if and when we get those agreements passed"

Schock also said the drug issue is something that affects communities across the country.

The drugs from those countries are the ones that end up on our streets creating crime and ruining many lives.

But he said efforts by the US are starting to pay off.

"We've seen a huge increase in the street prices of cocaine, heroine and marijuana," said Schock, "and that's directly tied to the US's efforts in Mexico and Columbia of clamping down on the drug trade and the advances that we've made in destroying that network in South America. So we need to keep the pressure up."

Schock says President Obama will be in Mexico April 16th in order to keep pressure on the drug trafficking issue.

While Congressman Schock was in Quincy KHQA asked him about stimulus money.

Schock has been the lead co-sponsor of a letter to the appropriations committee asking for $35 million in construction money.

That money would go towards upgrading locks and dams along the Mighty Mississippi.

We asked Schock what people could expect to see when some of the stimulus money starts to come in.

"Once the money comes in step one of course is people being put to work," said Schock. "You'll see immediate jobs being created with upgrading the locks and dams and the highway infrastructure. And then of course once there done your going to see improved infrastructure."

Congressman Schock said the key to getting businesses to locate or expand to this area is having good infrastructure.