Changes could come to Fort Madison city government

The way city government operates in Fort Madison could soon change.

The city council took a look at options on how to change city government at Tuesday night's council meeting.

No votes were cast, but council members were able to see what other options are available.

As it is now, the mayor cannot vote on agenda items, and some would like to at least look into ways to get the mayor more involved.

"Present them some options on how could the mayor in our form of government could gain a vote on the council. And so the report that I prepared takes a look at the options available under the Iowa code and gives them those options to consider," Fort Madison City Manager Byron Smith said.

Both Smith and the council want to make sure that before any change of the city form of government takes place, or if it even does, it has to go before voters for their final approval.

The council could also decide to change the zoning for the planned sports complex at the next meeting.