Safe Walk to Schools construction project nearing completion

Partially completed

School starts in about three weeks in Quincy, and at the same time a construction project in Quincy will come to an end.

The Safe Routes to School project from 30th to 36th Streets should wrap up in mid-August.

The $700,000 project is adding sidewalks along that stretch of road, adding a turn lane to Maine Street, and realigning the parking lot of Quincy Senior High with 33rd Street.

Over the next several days, crews will be milling up the existing road and then resurfacing the area.

"Let's be safe. There will be a lot of workers out here and congestion at times. We're not going to close the street, but at times it will periodically close or slow down and be congested. If you're in this area, you might want to use an alternate route," Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said.

New traffic signals will also be added to the intersection of 33rd and Maine.