Put your pet first this year

One resolution to make for your pet this year is getting them regular checkups at the vet and getting you organized with the paperwork.

Your pets are more then just animals to you, they're part of your family. That's why setting New Year's resolutions for them is equally important as setting ones for yourself.

"Just like us, we're going to resolve to have a better diet, exercise," Sally Westerhoff, executive director of the Quincy Humane Society, said. "It's really hard this time of year, especially when the weather is bad, it's cold and you don't want to go out for that walk but it's a good time to remind ourselves that it's good for us and it's good for our dogs, too."

Another goal to set is making sure your pets get regular checkups at the vet and your organized with the paperwork.

"It's good to keep a file that has all the information from when you've had their vaccinations, any medications that they've had to take, when the dogs are taking their heart-worm preventative," Westerhoff said. "If you keep that file it helps you keep in mind what has been done."

That file will also remind you what hasn't been done, like regular grooming sessions.

"Grooming is a very important factor," Westerhoff said. "It's a good way to get your hands on your pet and check their ears, make sure everything looks healthy on them."

You should also make sure something else is on them.

"Micro-chipping is becoming more prevalent now," Westerhoff said. "So it's a good time to make sure your pet's micro-chip or I.D. tag is up to date."

Even after checking all of these resolutions off your pet's list, there maybe one you'll constantly come back to and that's spending quality time together in the new year.