Put those brakes on, school zones still apply

Signs posted to remind motorists of 20 mph speed zones

School might be out, but put those brakes on. Rules still apply for school zones during the summer.

Although most of our Tri-State area schools are out for the summer, there are still some places where a school speed zone is still in effect.

In fact, there are several locations in Quincy where the 20 mile an hour speed limit is still the law.

Here are the locations and dates of Quincy summer school:Berrian at 8th and Van Buren, May 28-August 14 (lunch location)Washington at 8th and Sycamore, May 28-August 14 (lunch location)Quincy Junior High at 14th and Maine St., June 3-June 28Adams at 20th and Jefferson, May 28-June 27Baldwin at 30th and Maine St., May 28-June 27

The Quincy Police Department is enforcing the reduced speed limits in the school zones.

Police want people to pay close attention because this also bans the use of cell phones.

To remind motorists, police are in the process of placing signage (see photo) in the above areas.

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