One Class at a Time winners for February 2016

One Class at a Time winners for February 2016

Mrs. Jones 3rd graders were sitting down to a spelling pre-test when a surprise visitor stopped in to say hello this week.

"Mrs Jones. On behalf of our sponsors Titan International, Green America Recycling, Continental Cement, and ETC Computerland, on behalf of KHQA, I'd like to present you a check for $1,000," David Amelotti said.

"I was very surprised. We had another teacher in our building win and I was very jealous. I entered before and thought 'man, I hope they didn't spell my name wrong and it was supposed to be me'," Pam Jones said.

Jones has been sculpting the minds of Fort Madison 3rd graders at Richardson Elementary for 16 years.

"She's crafty and fun," one student said.

"She's nice and lets us play on computers," another added.

Mrs. Jones' class didn't waste anytime coming up with ideas on how to spend their new, oversized check.

"Whiteboards, some books, science because I like science stuff, math books and a globe or something," multiple students said.

Mrs. Jones applied for KHQA's One Class at a Time to buy new science unit kits for fun hands on learning.

"We'll have to have things like live animals. things we haven't had before," Jones explained. "We also had magnet units, force in motion units and electricity units."

Jones wants teachers struggling with a tight budget to take five minutes and submit their application for next month's Once Class at a Time.

"We don't have money for it. If you really want something you have to buy it yourself or you hope and pray or write a grant and try and get things It's really...I'm lucky, I'm very lucky," Jones said with a smile.

Her students said if the rules allowed, they would use any extra money to buy a dog.

They say they need a classroom mascot.

Well the giving isn't over - One Class at a Time is making a difference for some Hannibal students.

Our $500 recipient is The Caring Hands After School Tutoring Program.

The after school tutoring helps kids K through 12.

Tutors are volunteers from local colleges.

Reverend Minnie Smith at Willow Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the director.

She says it won't be a challenge putting this money to good use.

"We haven't had a water fountain for a while. Of course it's on the back burner. We can always make ice water but it's warming up and the sign is up saying out of order and the kids come in saying still? So everyone is anxious for us to get a new water fountain," Smith said.

KHQA would like to thank its sponsors, Titan International, Green America Recycling, Continental Cement and ETC Computerland.

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