One Class at a Time for January 2016

Mrs. Dawn Johnson, $1000 recipient of January One Class at a Time

The state of Iowa has now issued new standards for science.

Teachers will spend the next few years getting caught up to speed on these new standards, but one elementary school in Fort Madison already has a head start.

"Mrs. Johnson is kind and friendly. She helps us learn and teach," said Jessilene Barker, a kindergartener at Richardson Elementary in Fort Madison.

That's Jessilene Barker. She's a member of the class of 2028. She's also a kindergarten student at Richardson Elementary School in Fort Madison. As you can tell, she's a big fan of her teacher. Her teacher is a big fan of science and now has some cash in her pocket to help her teach.

"Thanks to our sponsors, ETC ComputerLand, Green America Recycling, Continental Cement, and Titan International, we are pleased to present you with a thousand dollars for our One Class at a Time grant."

And this money is going straight to science.

"I wanted to use this money to add extra material and books to help us teach thsoe standards to our kids," said Dawn Johnson.

The school's PTA has already kicked in some money to help teachers implement these new standards. This grant will now propel Richardson Elementary ahead and get those standards adopted much sooner than other schools in the Hawkeye State.

"This is the foundation of their learning. We want to give them all the materials and concepts that they need," says Johnson.

Another foundation you learn in kindergarten is sharing. Mrs. Johnson is keeping that going. She is going to use the One Class at a Time money to help all four kindergarten classrooms at Richardson Elementary. Even though these kids are in kindergarten, what they learn here now stays with them through school, and on into the real world.

This month's bonus check of $500 goes to a teacher who is now giving back to her alma mater.

Donna Woodrow graduated from Van Far High School, and spent most of her career in Alaska.

A few years ago, she moved back to Northeast Missouri, and is finishing out her teaching career at Van Far.

Before she retires at this end of the school year, she really wanted to help her mathematics students with some computer software.

Thanks to our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, ETC ComputerLand, and Titan International, she now has some money to put toward the Geometry Sketch Pad Program.

We don't have a drafting program here at the school, so this will get kids interested in drafting as an occupation, carpenter work, building. Geometry is everywhere you look. I keep telling them the floor and ceiling are parallel and the walls make right angles. I just want to make it come more alive for them, and get them interested in mathematics for their future," said Woodrow.

Woodrow adds computers are the future, and that's why she wanted her students to learn this program.

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