One Class at a Time for April 2016

Sister Betty Uchytil of Holy Family School in Hannibal accepts the $1000 grant check for One Class at a Time.

TV Renovation shows are quite popular these days.

A local school is getting ready to undergo a bit of a renovation, and wasn't planning on being on TV....that is until our cameras showed up.

Sister Betty Uchytil, thanks to our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, ETC Computerland, Titan International, we bring you $1000 for our One Class at a Time initiative.

It's going to be a very busy summer at Holy Family Catholic School in Hannibal.

Starting this weekend, renovations begin on the school's library.

"We're planning on taking all the books out, beginning to sort them, and as soon as the students are out for vacation, we're going to have volunteers come and pull out carpeting and begin painting," says Sister Betty Uchytil.

Parents are a big help in the renovation plans. They will do a lot of the work, and it was a parent who was behind the idea to apply for the One Class at a Time grant.

"Tearing out the carpeting and putting new flooring in. Painting the room, and making it more appealing for our children as they come into our library," says Sister Uchytil.

The library is a very popular place at this school. Younger students like to come pick out books to read. The older kids use it for research. Sister Uchytil says having an updated library will be a big benefit for the school.

"As much as technology holds importance, it's important for children to hold a book and to really be able to look at pictures and read that story," says Sister Uchytil.

The renovated library is expected to be ready by the time kids start back to school this summer.

As part of the renovation, volunteers will take out the older books that are no longer used.

Moving now to Monroe City, some youngsters are also benifitting from our One Class at a Time initiative.

Our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling, ETC Computerland, and Titan International helped us present the $500 bonus check to Sara Clark.

She's a preschool teacher at Monroe City Elementary.

Toys help kids learn. It helps build their social skills and helps work on problem solving skills...learning how to share, learning how to play together and work as a team.

You can find out more about our One Class at a Time by clicking here.

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