National Mammogram Day

Women should get a mammogram once a year after they turn 40.

That can be a stressful test, and the people at the Blessing Breast Center in Quincy are trying to ease fears a little bit.

Friday is National Mammography Day, and the Breast Center hosted a spa day for ladies who wanted to get a mammogram.

Ladies were treated to massages, makeup tips, and other pampering.

The whole idea is to shine a light on the importance of getting that yearly mammogram.

"It's kind of stressful for a woman to come in and have a mammogram because we know what they're looking for. They are looking for breast cancer. If we can put a little fun, kind of relax a little bit, and make it a more enjoyable day, women will look forward to coming in," Sheila Hermsmeyer with the Blessing Breast Center said.

Men, don't forget you can also get breast cancer.

It's extremely rare, but there have been three men diagnosed at the Blessing Breast Center in the last year and a half.

"They may feel a lump in their breast. While they are showering or bathing, they will feel an unusual lump. If they do, they should bring that to their physician's attention," Hermesmeyer said.

Women should also do monthly self exams.

Registered Nurse Sheila Hermesmeyer says survival rates with breast cancer have increased tremendously with the help of early detection.